Kitty Stallings has a unique understanding of the overweight community having spent her entire life until 2007, overweight. Her compassionate yet no B.S. approach to the subject of food and weight issues has made her a voice for the voiceless. No one wants to hear an overweight person complain about being fat. “Just stop eating!” is the answer they serve up. Well, if it were that easy – no one would be fat. Kitty believes weight and food issues have very little to do with food, but "her food" has helped her manage the voice inside her (she calls that voice Fat Kitty) who is constantly tempting her to overeat.

 "I’m an R.F.P. (recovering fat person) and I always will be. I lost weight and found my voice. No matter what I weigh, I will always be a member of the overweight community with urges I live with everyday. My body changed but not my DNA."